St. Petersburg, Russia - 2004

Paul McCartney gave his second ever concert in Russia, in St. Petersburg on 20th June, 2004. It took place in The Palace Square, right in front of the Winter Palace, where the Russian Revolution started. The square is surrounded by wonderful buildings and it's unlikely that Paul had done a concert in such a beautiful and historic setting before.

The two-and-a-half hour open air show was late starting, due to strict security arrangements.

It was Sir Paul's first concert in the Russian city and the 3,000th time he has played live since joining The Quarrymen at the age of 15.

     Sir Paul is thought to have played with The Beatles 2,523 times. He is also reported to have played 140 concerts with his band Wings and 285 as a solo artist.

The singer celebrated his 62nd birthday at the time of the concert, and President Vladimir Putin telephoned him to offer congratulations.

     The St. Petersburg concert was a sell-out, with tickets changing hands for up to $500.

There were 2,500 policemen on duty, with fans going through three security checks before being allowed to enter the square. The crowd sang along with most of the songs, and the Beatles hit “Back in the USSR” proving particularly popular.

Sir Paul addressed the audience in English and Russian and was wildly applauded when he returned for an encore carrying the Russian flag.